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After the Flood: As Winter Approaches, Some Still Live in Tents

It has been four months since the August flood in southeast Louisiana, and while many victims have been able to get back into their homes, there are still those whose situation has not changed since August. The two Facebook posts were shared last week and serve as a stark reminder that there is still much to be done in Louisiana (and the same can be said of the Iowa and North Carolina flood victims, and the Tennessee wildfire victims):

From Shelly: For friends and family that live out of our flood area there is still need for prayer. The temperatures in Baton Rouge will be dropping in the 20’s this coming weekend. There are still families living in tents from the flood. Many in homes with no insulation or drywall yet. If a flood victim had flood insurance they are still waiting on their mortgage companies to release the funds. There is a lot of red tape in receiving the insurance funds you worked and paid for. If a person gets their funds then they get in line to wait on a contractor that is already overbooked. Many, many have a long road ahead and winter is here. Please pray for provision, warmth, and safety for these families.

Todd shared the following images from Shannon:

This is not an isolated case. There are many people still living in tents. In December. It will drop to freezing Thurs and Fri night [of last week].

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