Great Flood of 2016

Women of the Flood: A Narrative by Shelly

My sweet husband is off of work today. Before he left to run an errand he asked me what I would like to do today??? What?? I thought everyday was automatic – work on our flooded home. I answered that I did not have anything in mind. Well, I thought about it after he left and I have an answer. (more…)


After the Flood: Families In Need of Trustworthy Contractors

The Great Flood of 2016 is long gone, the waters having receded back to the bayous, rivers, and canals of southeast Louisiana. Yet, almost four months after the waters’ retreat, citizens daily face new and reoccurring challenges as they seek to return to some sense of normalcy.

Charles Dickens’ opening line of A Tale of Two Cities is quite telling of southeast Louisiana: “It [is] the best of times, it [is] the worst of times.” (more…)

Snapshots of the Flood: A New Series

Often times, it is the short account one shares that best communicates the gravity of an event. Over the past few weeks I’ve received short testimonials from flood victims that provide a snapshot of their ordeal.

For instance, Tami sent her snapshot of the August 2016 flood in Louisiana:

Myself, along with my husband, daughter, son, and 10 month old grandson, were rescued from the roof of our home. The nightmare began in the middle of the night and got a lot worse before getting somewhat better over a week later. We are still displaced.

One can feel Tami’s sense of shock and devastation from the storm without a name. Tami’s story is one of great loss and uncertainty. Her words paint a picture known by so many in Louisiana. (more…)

Character in the Midst of Crisis: A Thank You to Todd Whirley

Tragedy is no stranger to humanity. It does not discriminate, impacting everyone who lives and breathes. Just as tragedies vary in mode and kind, so do individuals’ responses to what befalls them. It is said that crisis reveals character, and in the case of Todd Whirley, the Great Flood of 2016 has revealed to many flood victims and relief workers a man of strength, perseverance, and sacrifice.

Todd Whirley

Todd Whirley

Todd Whirley is the Executive Pastor of New Covenant Church in Denham Springs. New Covenant is located at the corner of Florida Blvd and N. Hummell St. Just about a half mile from the church is the antique district where there was roughly seven feet of water in the height of the flood; yet, New Covenant and surrounding businesses did not get any water – one of the very few areas of Denham Springs not affected by water. Todd Whirley took advantage of the church’s unique situation and turned the church into a disaster relief command center. (more…)