1983 Flood

The Advocate on the 1983 Flood

An April 8, 2013 article from Baton Rouge’s The Advocate has been making its rounds on Facebook. The article is titled “Hell and High Water: The Devastating Flood of Livingston and East Baton Rouge Parishes in 1983” (by Bob Anderson and Bret McCormick) and marked the 30th anniversary of the devastating flood.

I was young when the ’83 Flood occurred; I don’t recall much of the actual event. What I do recall is seeing water up to the old TG&Y on Range Ave., and drawing a picture of the flood for class. According to the Anderson and McCormick article, it appears that the events of the flood are eerily similar to the 2016 Flood: (more…)


When Weather Shatters Expectations: A Narrative by Alex Melancon

My name is Alex Melancon. I’m a sophomore Atmospheric Science major at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I’m from St. Amant, Louisiana. Both sides of my family have lived in this area for generations. I’ve loved weather since I was a child and have always wanted to pursue a career in it.  (more…)