Women of the Flood: A Narrative by Shelly

My sweet husband is off of work today. Before he left to run an errand he asked me what I would like to do today??? What?? I thought everyday was automatic – work on our flooded home. I answered that I did not have anything in mind. Well, I thought about it after he left and I have an answer. I want to stay in my PJ’s all day while sitting in my recliner. I want the central heat to come on more than once because I am cold natured. I want my phone to get lost. I want to watch movies all day which I never have done. I want my meals delivered to my front door and I want them all to be a surprise. I would love coke ICEE”S all day and not worry about the sugar content. I want to forget that I have to go back to work next week. What, what? My husband is shaking my shoulder. I must have fallen asleep and was dreaming. Well, so much for dreams. Where is that hammer and measuring tape? Well, maybe I can at least work in a coke ICEE! WE are the women of the flood. We can swing a hammer, measure for cabinets, hunt down missing deliveries, direct contractors on what they should be doing, accept with optimism the stage we are at in getting our home back to normal while nothing is normal, rejoice with friends when they reach a milestone in their own homes, scrap around for furniture, deals, bargains, and any other blessings we can use to make it a home again, We can change the tone of our voice so that contractors come to a dead halt waiting on our next instruction while continuing to be pleasant with them. Men cannot do that. We can walk to a counter with one million paint chip cards and narrow it down to two colors in under five minutes. We can then choose flooring based on those paint chips in another five minutes. We can take a list of supplies needed for our electrician, even though I do not know what those items are, and come home with all purchased. We can detect subtle differences in stainless steel finishes on appliances and tell our husband that we cannot buy that stove because it does not match the refrigerator. I made a 10 foot rug fit into my Chevrolet Impala. Who needs a truck? Women of the flood – you are strong, you are resilient, you are creative, you are caring, you are amazing as we can all still praise God for His goodness at the end of a day. Such a long post, but wanted to give a thumbs up to all of the nest builders and the husbands or helpers working at their side.


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