Snapshots of the Flood: Ashley from Holden

Today’s snapshot is from Ashley of Holden, LA. Ashley provides us with not only a short story of her family’s ordeal, but also video and images she took as the flood invaded her home. Be sure to read the captions in the images as they help to add some further detail to her story.

We live in Holden, LA.  Our house has never flooded, or even came close.  At around 3 am on August 13 the water started coming in.  My husband, daughter and I grabbed a few clothes, bottled water and snacks along with our pet pig and dog and headed upstairs.  We could hear the current of water flowing thru our house; furniture hitting the walls, things falling over, it was terrible.  When the sun came up that morning, it was surreal how deep and swift the water had gotten.  We called several times before we were able to get thru to be placed on the rescue list.  They weren’t able to get to our road until late that afternoon.  By that time, my Uncle and a neighbor had gotten a boat and helped us along with many others.

Never having gone through anything like this before, we thought this was the worst part.  We have since learned that dealing with FEMA and Insurance companies along with their red tape was by far worse.  Altogether, we lost 3 vehicles, everything in our barn and most everything downstairs.  Imagine walking thru your home and losing everything that is waist level or below… We are currently living in our gutted house, waiting on a FEMA trailer and our Insurance Company to pay us.  It was 4 months today, the flood happened…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ashley also shot some video of the flood from the second story of her home. Note how swiftly the waters were flowing. Further, in the first video, note toward the end of the video that you can see a high water mark. In a short period the water had receded approximately 12″.


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