Snapshots of the Flood: Brenda

Brenda, formerly of Denham Springs, LA, shares her ordeal during the August 2016 flood:

We were at home in Denham Saturday morning. We had no water but couldn’t get out because the front of the subdivision was flooded. We thought we were OK. We talked about possibly getting together maybe barbecuing. One neighbor got all the lawn chairs we had and put in his attic just in case. We were on the last street in the neighborhood, not realizing the front was under water. This started around 10 am. By 12 we were under water, praying to be rescue. We called 911 and they didn’t answer . We called the National Guard and they said they were aware and would get to us when they could. Local people started coming in boats to get their family members. We would beg for help.

My husband is disabled and after a while I couldn’t take it anymore because I just couldn’t see how we would get him in the attic and then what? My daughter, my sister in Houston? My other son was making phone calls. They called the TV stations, 911, the police. No one came for us. I thought we wouldn’t get out. No one came. My son being the awesome son he is went into the street and stopped a boat and begged them to get us out. Thank God they did.

We were brought to the front of the subdivision and put on a bus and taken to a church. Well, needless to say, the church started to take on water. The Fire Department and other agencies and our families were trying to reach the church but we had no service. They finally moved us upstairs because they realize the water was rising. My daughter tried all night to reach us. She began to panic and wanted to get us. She went to any house who had a boat to see if they could come and get us. Early the next morning she found a complete stranger who had a school bus and convinced them to try to drive to Denham. But they got stopped at O’Neal [Lane in Baton Rouge]. At the same time, the National Guard was there with helicopters to get us out. We were taken to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.

We are no longer in Denham. Had to relocate after 40 years to Lafayette . Hardest decision we ever had to make. Leaving our kids and grandkids. Just the last 3 days we had rain here. There was some flooding. I didn’t sleep for 3 days. I’m hoping and praying to some how go back to normal.

Thanks for reading my story.

The picture below is of Brenda’s neighborhood. According to her caption, she lived on the last street.

Brenda's flooded neighborhood. She lived on the last street.

Brenda’s flooded neighborhood. She lived on the last street.


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