Snapshots of the Flood: Becky and Kayla

Today we hear from two flood victims. A theme that’s run through several posts lately is the emotional stress experienced after the flood – even months after. Yet, in the face of emotional hardship, we see the self-giving attitude of Louisianians during the flood as neighbor helped neighbor, and stranger served stranger.

Becky’s snapshot represents the situation so many flood victims faced – being flooded despite living in an area not designated as a flood zone:

Not in a flood zone, sometimes front yard would flood due to drainage issues. Never thought we would get water in our home. Sat on back patio on Sunday morning at 8 a.m. noticed water at tree line on back yard. By 10 a.m. water was in the house. Watched in horror as all my life belongs water water drenched. Was basically on an island for 7 days. Didn’t evacuate, haven’t left till this day, almost 4 months later. Lived in drive way. Finally got check from flood insurance which i was fortunate enough to have. I use to love to go camping but I┬ánever want to sleep in a camper again. The emotional and mental stress of living through a flood is unimaginable.

In Kayla’s snapshot, we see the self-giving attitude that characterizes so many Louisianians during the flood. Rather than save their own skin by seeking higher ground, they stayed behind to help those in need:

My husband and I spent all day saving others with our boat only to come home a realize our house had 4-5 ft of water. We went to my sisters in Walker for refuge. In the middle of the night flood waters started to rise and we then had to be rescued along with our 4 kids by airboat.

Please share your snapshot, your story, or your pictures by contacting me here:



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